Journey to my Million Dreams Begin

I am a software Engineer. I have worked with companies like Digismart, ARI Networks, SVG Media, and I am sure, 99% of you might not have heard about these companies. Whenever I tell my friends and relatives about my company, I have to repeat it 2 or 3 times to make them understand the name of my company. Not just this, the next question which always comes up is, What does your company do?

Why am I telling you all this? I am just tired of explaining to everyone about the companies I have worked in. And just by telling the name of the company, people start judging you. If you tell them some better company names they see you as a genius, and for living with some more respect in this society it matters, the name of the company.

I have seen on LinkedIn too, persons with the same profession but one has company as google will get more likes on the post, will get more connection requests as compared to the normal person. Why I am saying normal because this is how the world sees you. The same thing said by a person working in google has more weight than the normal person.

I can’t say them anything, because this kind of discrimination is in my home too. We are 4 sisters and 1 brother. I am the eldest one and excluding me all my sisters and brother are geniuses, but why? Because I have never scored more than 80% in my school and college, on the other hand, my sisters and brother scored between 90% — 95%. Discrimination would be a wrong word if I say, because they have worked hard than me in all scenarios, and I have seen them working hard than me.

Why I am telling you all this, because I don’t want to remain in this normal category anymore, and have decided to work hard. My first goal would be to get myself into a valuable company. For achieving this goal I have to practice what I already know and learn new stuff which is important for clearing interviews. For the next few months, I will completely devote my time to prepare which is left after my office hours. And for the next few months, I will be blogging daily to share my daily achievements.

I think I should divide this big task into a few small tasks. For getting into any good company, I should be good at Data Structures & Algorithms, System Design, and a programming language. I will be going with Java as a programming language, it’s been a year I am working on Java. I was earlier into PHP but somewhere I felt like I have to work pretty hard to remain in this corporate industry if I choose PHP as my language, and decided to change it to Java.

The 3 main topics which I have to go through

  1. Programming Language (Java)
  2. Data Structure & Algorithms
  3. System Design

I will start with Data Structure & Algorithms. And my today’s goal would be to solve at least 20 questions on Data Structure. I should talk more in numbers while deciding my goals and their deadlines. For the next 30 days, I will be working on Data Structure only and in case I needed change in my study pattern I will be going for the programming language.

Last but not least company names and good marks are not required to be happy. Happiness is eternal.




I am Indian by birth, Punjabi by destiny. Humanity is my religion. Love to eat, travel, read books and my million dreams keep me alive.

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Navneet Ojha

Navneet Ojha

I am Indian by birth, Punjabi by destiny. Humanity is my religion. Love to eat, travel, read books and my million dreams keep me alive.

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