Interview Prep Day — 10

Today I just didn’t do much, not the office work and not the study. But I don’t want to miss the day with no writings on learning so after coming home and having dinner at 10 pm, I was ready to start with some learning work, so I picked system design topic, which was designing a tiny URL, all about how to create tiny URL, create a database of user and URLs, where the user will create URLs and userid will be stored in URL table. Sending the request from the client to the server and then encoding the URL and storing the encoded URL to a database, and sending back the encoded URL to the client from the server. I studied all about capacity estimation, storage estimates, bandwidth estimates, memory estimates, high-level estimates, System API, database design, data partitioning, and replication, caching, load balancer, purging or DB clean up, security, etc


Also, I tried to do a leetcode challenge question, but it was related to adding binary digits but I am not strong with binary digits, so I will be doing tomorrow before 12:30.

Happy Learning !!!

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