Day 9 — Positive Vibes Only

Navneet Ojha
3 min readJul 9, 2020
Google Dreams

In continuation to my below post

I applied at Google today, after getting a link to apply from the recruiter. Not sure whether they will call me or not, after seeing out my resume, many questions in my mind, but better to apply early than late, I was already having my resume ready, which I made just a few weeks ago before I made up my mind to start preparing for interviews. Making a resume earlier was because I don’t want to waste time on it later on. Once I feel confident I will start applying for interviews without wasting time. Although the thought of giving interviews was far away because I have just started to prepare.

But the recruiter's message on LinkedIn has changed my plan, how can I say no to this opportunity knocking at my doorsteps. After applying the form I wasn’t having many expectations because the job description to what I applied for, requires more experience. But after seeing the email again from the recruiter with lots of resources to prepare from again made my day. I was anxious, different study plans going in my mind. Have made one study plan. The office is also there, so I have to manage everything with my office work. I have to give 100% at the office too, my team is going to change soon and lots of new things to learn, maybe it can help with my preparations, don’t know maybe.

So I was confused about the study plan, how to prepare for it, how to go through all resources thoroughly given by the recruiter. First I thought I will finish my office work and then start with the study work. But it is not possible because this is something I am trying for a few days, and I end up doing nothing. So I have decided to do one by one. If 2 hours I am giving to office, the next 2 hours I will give to google interview prep. I have made a study plan only for tomorrow if that worked out, then something can happen.

Also, I am quite worried as of no preparation, from the last 8 months no interview was given and one unwanted, unplanned interview has given because of team requirements, that too went very bad. So I am thinking of taking help from the recruiter. let’s see what he says if I can get some time to prepare for an interview before actually preparing for it.

I am having good vibes only, it is going to be one of the best or maybe the worst experience of a lifetime, and again I will tell so many stories about it to my friends. I am just going to live each and every moment, with the hope to get an offer from google. I will not think of anything else, I finally uninstalled Instagram which is a distraction for me.

Only Positive thought, girl you are going to rock

Happy Reading!!!



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